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and lots of them!!

CONTENTS: Aviation Safety and Ethics Class Pictures
- - - - -Flight Team Formation Landing Practice
- - - - - Flight Lesson From Yesterday
(14 under the cut)

criticize the heck out of these, go ahead

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beautiful view during a walk around the airport in safety and ethics

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the last plane comes in for the day

Image hosted by
Eagle Jet waiting for his IFR block to open up so he can take off

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some kids and their grandfather watching it take off
i LOVE this one

Image hosted by
the hanger early in the morning before practice

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Awesome sunrise

Image hosted by
again, BEAUTIFUL!! God paints GOOOOD! hehe

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Image hosted by

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Flight Team lining up after practice

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KDBQ from my lesson today(my instructor took the following pictures)

Image hosted by
obviously i took this one
those are my foggles, they are for simulating instrument conditions so i can only use the instruments as a reference

Image hosted by
two planes getting ready to take off

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